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It is getting really hard to have and raise children in our current society, based on all socio-economical parameters, the factors behind certain restrictions on our behavior as adults and possible parents. Traditional families tend to lower their number, with a growing interest for moral values on maternity. Fathers are increasingly less important, baby care becoming fast an almost exclusive motherly attribute.

And we are talking about fathers as a function, not necessarily biological, one to offer at least the financial resources to participate in raising children. Associated with the same common perception, in the light of all patriarchal traditional families out there, raising kids should be done within a complete family. This explains the fact that, at the level or our political reflections and social protection best practices, the one parent families are apparently neglected or, at least, considered exceptions.

One parent families are usually presented as a result of women's emancipation, supposedly implying family life destructuration. More accurately, it kind of takes us to perceive them as disorganized families, apart from their classic meaning. Having this in mind, how could we explain the fact that women want to found a family more than men do? And once they have it, they care more about it, trying to preserve family life, working more than their partners, caring for family's dependent members. When they divorce or separate, they also accepts raising the kids by themselves.

The most frequent moral biases

A mono-parental family is usually made of a mother and a child and it is perceived as vulnerable, easily becoming a victim of its own lack of resources. This is the type of family gets the image of helplessness, disorientation. The single parent poorly follows its personal needs, together with the scanty child care. This is why child's educational process can become incoherent and parent's professional activity tends to regress. A single parent and a the child with a single parent will easily accept compromises, the same as it happened for the first time, when we think they have already done one, regarding their family.

Such a family is received as a self oriented to the present times only and future projections are uncertain, as if the following life coordinates are unknown and can not be anticipated. The openness to cooperation, although not real, relationship values (even in some random situations) as possible opportunities to successfully face life, are other prejudices of the ones living in single parent families. Expectations are quite relevant for children raised in such an environment - they tend to relational activities and try to take advantage of anything is available. That is because fate has already been harsh and they have never had the chance to live a true relationship, as perceived in our society.

Vulnerability is a state of mind, largely acknowledged by mono-parental families. In the western civilizations, single parent families issues started to be taken seriously, projected as both research subjects and public politics. In some countries, mono-parental families share has seriously increased in the last period of time. Same happens with moms giving birth outside marriage. Within this context, in the second part of the last century, the number of one parent families started to grow, on a background provided by the lack of traditional models and the occurrence of alternative family forms.

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